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The agricultural firm ‘Le Saittole’ is run by the young entrepreneur Elena Georgopoulos, who inherited her country estate from the maternal branch of her family, the De Pascalis Candido of Castrì (Lecce, Apulia). With the estate, she also inherited passion for olive growing: this ancient family has been producing olives and oil since 1742.

Covering an area of 200 hectares, ‘Le Saittole’ is located in the south-eastern portion of the Salento region, just a stone’s throw from the Adriatic Sea. The headquarters of the firm is in the old ‘masseria’ (fortified farm house) ‘Le Saittole’, which formerly served as a rest stop for the horses of the Basilian monks who travelled to the city of Otranto. It owes its name to the thunderbolt-shaped (‘saetta’) windows of the towers that guarded against possible attacks by the Turkish.

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